All workshops at Mobile Art && Code are 3 hours long (with the exception of the Scrapyard Challenge, which is 6 hours). The complete schedule of workshops can be found here. Attendance in most workshops is limited. Our workshops have minimum suggested skill levels, according to the following:

All levels! No special skills are required.
It will help if you’ve done a little programming before.
Some programming experience is recommended.

Scrapyard Challenge! [SAM6]
Make art from your old electronics!
Directed by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki
Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-5pm (one full-day section).
[6 hours; $75 + $50 materials fee = $125].
Design Technology for Mobile Experiences: How To Do Things With Phones [FAM2, FPM3]
A rare opportunity to learn how it all works, this is a soup-to-nuts overview of today’s mobile technologies.
Discover the opportunities and possibilities for art, design and creative hacking!
Directed by Julian Bleecker
Friday 6-Nov, 9am-12 OR 2pm-5pm.
[3 hours; $75].
Master’s Seminar: Critique + Pro Brainstorming Sessions [SAM7]
Get friendly feedback and suggestions on your own projects from a panel of global experts!
Co-Hosted by Frauke Behrendt, Eric Paulos, Marc Davis and other Presenters from Mobile Art && Code.
Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12 (one section).
[3 hours; $40].
iPhone Programming (with ObjectiveC) [FAM3, FPM1]
Learn to create custom software on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with ObjectiveC – Apple’s own development language and libraries for mobile applications!
Directed by David Nolen
Friday 6-Nov, 9am-12 OR 2pm-5pm.
[3 hours; $75].
iPhone Programming (with openFrameworks) [FAM4, SAM3]
Create interactive software on your iPhone, using the powerful open-source openFrameworks library!
Directed by Memo Akten and Zach Gage
Friday 6-Nov, 9am-12 OR Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12.
[3 hours; $75].
Interactive Sound on the iPhone, with Pure Data [SAM8, SPM3]
Turn your Apple iPhone into a programmable, interactive sound-processor – it’s easy!
Directed by Hans-Christoph Steiner
Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12 OR 2pm-5pm.
[3 hours; $75].
Flash Lite: Flash on Mobile Phones [SAM2]
Already know Flash? Port your skills to the mobile realm with Flash Lite!
Directed by Matthew Kam with Anuj Kumar, Derek Lomas and Manoj Dayaram.
Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12 (one section).
[3 hours; $75]. (Note: Loaner phones will be provided for those who need them.)
Interactive Telephony for New Media Arts [FPM5, SAM5]
Learn to create interactive voice systems! — using the open-source Asterisk PBX telephony system.
Directed by Shawn Van Every
Friday 6-Nov, 2pm-5pm OR Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12.
[3 hours; $75].
Creative Mobile Phone Programming with Python & Nokia Phones [SAM4]
Learn how to turn your idea into a fully working mobile application with Python on Nokia smartphones!
Directed by Jürgen Scheibel. (Note: loaner phones will be provided.)
Friday 6-Nov, 2pm-5pm OR Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12.
[3 hours; $75].
Interactive Text Messaging: Computing with SMS, the Easy Way [FAM5, SPM5]
Generate and receive SMS messages with your own code!
Directed by David Evans + Deeplocal
Friday 6-Nov, 9am-12 OR Sunday 8-Nov, 2pm-5pm.
[3 hours; $75].
An Introduction to Arduino Workshop [FAM1, FPM2, SAM1, SPM2]
Get started making interactive, mobile, sonic widgets in this patient introduction to Arduino hacking!
Directed by Lalya Gaye (Friday) and Jacob Tonski (Sunday)
Offered in 4 sections:
Friday 6-Nov, 9am-12 OR 2pm-5pm (Gaye), OR
Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12 OR 2pm-5pm (Tonski)
[3 hours; $75 + $75 materials fee = $150].
Mobile Physical Computing: Android + Arduino [FPM6, SPM1]
Get your Google Android phone talking to sensors and actuators, using the popular Arduino microprocessor!
Directed by Stuart O. Anderson and Moxie Marlinspike
Friday 6-Nov, 2pm-5pm OR Sunday 8-Nov, 2pm-5pm.
[3 hours; $75 + $120 materials fee = $195].