Flash Lite: Flash on Mobile Phones

Directed by Matthew Kam with Anuj Kumar, Derek Lomas, & Manoj Dayaram

3 hours, $75.
Sunday 8-Nov, 9am-12.
Workshop location TBA.
It will help if you’ve done a little programming before.

Flash Lite brings the popularity of Flash – a rapid-prototyping environment for creating multimedia applications – to the mobile phone platform. Participants in this workshop will acquire the essential skills to recreate a classic videogame in Flash Lite, and to get it working on a Flash Lite cellphone. Simple techniques for interactive videogame programming will be covered. At the completion of the workshop, participants will have gained a foundational knowledge for developing games with real-time behaviors for Flash Lite cellphones.

Your Skill Level:
Workshop participants should be familiar with the Flash environment.
Having a basic knowledge of ActionScript programming is a plus.

What to Bring:
Note: Loaner phones are available for this workshop.
The following items are required in order to participate in the workshop:
• A laptop with Adobe Flash and a Flash Lite plug-in installed;
• A cellphone with a Flash Lite player installed;
• A USB cable for connecting your laptop and Flash Lite cellphone.

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