The ART && CODE symposia are made possible by a generous grant from Microsoft Research, with oversight by the Center for Computational Thinking at Carnegie Mellon University. The ART && CODE events are a project of the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, directed by Golan Levin. We express our gratitude to Microsoft Research and the CMU Center for Computational Thinking for their sponsorship, and to the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the CMU School of Art for their administrative support. We are grateful for additional support from Google, Inc., Hack Pittsburgh, the CMU School of Design, the CMU ETC, and the CMU HCII.

Conference Production Credits
Conference Organizer: Golan Levin (STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and School of Art, CMU)
Executive Producer: Peter Lee (Computer Science Department, CMU)
Business Manager and Logistics: Jennifer Brodt (STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU)
Additional Communications and Logistics: Marge Myers (STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU)
Registration, Catering, Additional Logistics: Carolyn Manley (Conference Services, CMU)
Graphic Design and Communications: Caryn Audenried
Production Assistant: Courtney Dow (CMU School of Art)
Video Editing and Production: Julia Kennedy, Michael Mallis
Student Assistants: Riley Harmon, Max Hawkins, David Yen

Additional Credits and Acknowledgments
Dorkbot Co-Director & Liaison: Jet Townsend (Tangible Interaction Design program, CMU)
Great Good Place Maker: Eric Stern (Brillobox)

We are grateful to CMU Cluster Services for their efforts in providing the best computers available for our workshops. We also express our gratitude to CMU Conference Services, for assistance in coordinating our lecture spaces and food service; and to the CMU School of Art for a variety of support, and in particular, Lauren Goshinski, Robert Kollar, Cindy Lammert, and Janice Hart of the CMU School of Art for their flexibility and assistance.