On-line Workshop Reservations are now CLOSED.
Join us for Registration at the Studio for Creative Inquiry (CFA-111) at CMU on Thursday 11/5 from 4:30-6:00pm and Friday from 8am-9am. For more information about Registration please read the important information below:


  • Artist lectures presented all day on November 7th (Saturday) will be free.
    No registration is required for the Saturday lecture events.
  • Three-hour workshops will be held on November 6th and 8th (Friday and Sunday).
    Registration is required for all workshops. Space is limited.
  • Regarding food: Complimentary Breakfast, All-Day Coffee, and Afternoon Snacks will be provided on workshop days (Friday 6th and Sunday 8th) to those who have registered for workshops. Workshop participants will also be able to reserve lunches through our e-commerce system; we are providing buffet lunches (including vegetarian options) on Friday and Sunday for $10/meal. Additionally, a guide to our extensive local food options will be provided as part of the event program.


  • The 3-hour workshops are recession-priced at $75. Most workshops, except where otherwise indicated, will require you to bring your own laptop and appropriate mobile phone.
  • Exceptions: Some workshops have additional materials fees (such as those involving circuitry, like the Scrapyard Challenge or Arduino workshops). The ringtone workshop is low-priced at $25.
  • You may also need to purchase special resources beforehand (for example, an Apple iPhone developer license if that’s your thing). Check your workshops of interest for details.
  • A SPECIAL DISCOUNT on workshops is available to official members of Hack Pittsburgh! HackPGH is a hacker-space and maker community, based in Pittsburgh, which provides shared space, resources, expertise and friendly collaborators to encourage and enable your creative projects. Members of HackPGH get $25 off each workshop! Join HackPGH today and keep the flame alive after November 8th!

Workshop spaces are selectively offered, and very limited. Read on:
Our workshops are generally limited to 15-20 students, or even fewer, in order to allow maximum personal attention from our expert workshop leaders. We want, moreover, to create a buzzing event where workshoppers can meet a well-balanced mix of other interesting people. For this reason, workshop spaces will be offered on a selective basis, to those who complete an online survey. We’ll be using the surveys to populate the workshops with a diverse and balanced mix of people — based on their artistic and technical goals, and also demographically. To start the process, please fill out the Pre-Registration Application [closed]. This makes sure you’re in our course database. Then, fill out the e-commerce site [closed], and make sure to click all the way through!