David S. Evans

Director, Workshop in Interactive Text Messaging: Computing with SMS, the Easy Way
http://www.deeplocal.com/about/people – David’s company, Deeplocal

David S. Evans is Chief Technology Officer at Deeplocal.com. He is a native of the Pittsburgh area and graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. After several years working on the Mac port of Berkley’s Ptolemy simulator and in robotics, David started his career as a Java front-end programmer and build manager at Management Science Associates.

Switching to a long-commute to North American Scientific to work on their IMRT cancer-treatment package, David went back to his roots in Cocoa/Obj-C. Following this stint, he was hired to be lead programmer on the open source Real-Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance project at the University of Pittsburgh, written entirely in JEE. David specialized in the geo-spatial display of over-the-counter medicine sales as well as emergency room admissions, with a focus on regional correlations. David found himself working for Deeplocal originally as a GIS consultant on its MapHub project, but came on board full time shortly thereafter. Over the years, David has become a Swiss-army knife of cutting edge technology and the classics, and spends his time directing new framework creation and product development.

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